i will fight with you
"Sometimes patients need someone to hope with and support them emotionally. No one fights Cancer alone. If you want to fight this fight, I'll fight with you."

- Betty

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Betty Smith Afful

(Lymphoma Survivor)

What is a support group

Cancer support groups are either formed by cancer specialists or lay people,even some survivors create support groups. These groups are becoming an integral part of the lives most cancer patients, surviors and their famiilies. Support groups are the greatest pillars of strength for patients who have survived cancer and look forward to a new life.
Members of these groups normally share their experiences,suggestion and advice with others, helping them grow and evolve. Infact, knowing others feelings and emotion during the cancer treatment helps most patients to recover faster.

Have you or your loved one been diagnosed of Lymphoma (A type of Blood Cancer) recently? During these difficult times, knowing that you're not alone is important.
We are here to support and guide you through. Cancer specialists have pointed out that patients heal quicker when they visit support groups and learn more about other patients who have been through cancer and fought bravely. This group is a place of support for lymphoma patients, survivors and caregivers. From all over the country(Ghana), different regions and towns with different stages of cancer have we come together to create this place of peace and healing. All are welcome to be part of this group that has become a great support to many.
If you will fight this fight, we are ready to
fight with you !!!

Dial *920*101*100# To join us